The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will be on tour in North America from mid-September till December 2013. The Hungarian Rhapsody – America will be performed more than seventy times all over the U.S. from New York to San Francisco, as well as in seven Canadian cities during the three month tour.

"It is marvelous- crackling with dancing that snaps like a whip in a program framed successfully by a sophisticated context." —Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

"It's forceful, tasteful, unglorified presentation of ethnic expression..." —George Jackson, Washington Post

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, regarded as one of the greatest folkloric dance ensembles in the world, was established in 1951. Its aims were to collect and play authentic folk music and to preserve the folk dances and traditional costumes of Hungary through performing them on stage. In the more than four and a half decades of its existence, the Ensemble has been a great ambassador of the vitality of Hungarian folk arts.  

As a musical genre of their featured program, the rhapsody is best characterized by its tumultuous rhythms, strong emotions, impassioned surges of thought, and freedom of expression.

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble’s dance performance, Hungarian Rhapsody, incorporates all the hallmarks of this genre, taking its inspiration from folk music and dance traditions, creating its own unique dance rhapsody.

The performance includes images of the peasant traditions of the Hungarians and other national groups of the country’s surrounding regions in dynamic succession, offering a compelling look into this singular kaleidoscopic, yet oddly unified, thousand-year old culture as expressed in the acrobatics of the men’s dances, the lyricism of the women’s movements, and the virtuosity of couples’ dances.

Hungarian Rhapsody is a journey through time: from the present to the past, and back again. Though the world from where this music and dance originates has long disappeared, the message it bears is still relevant.

Hungarian Rhapsody suggests that Hungarian folk culture is both alive and meaningful.Traditional music and dance remains a part of our cultural identity.

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