The Embassy of Hungary and the Farkas Family jointly held a Book Launch on November 7 for the recently released memoir of Charles Farkas entitled „Vanished by the Danube”.

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“In his evocative new memoir, Vanished by the Danube, Charles Farkas walks us gracefully through the Hungary of his youth. Through stories that extract beauty from everyday events, Farkas pays tribute to the simple elegance of his native country in the years preceding World War II, while never sparing us the truth about the horrors to come. In his story we are reminded that resourcefulness and optimism can prevail even in the face of great struggle.” — President Bill Clinton

The great number of friends and readers gathered that night included, Charles Farkas’s wife,  Edit and three of their four children: Maria, Miklós and Evelyn N. Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense, as well as Ambassador Julie Finlay (Former Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), Ambassador José Sorzano (former UN Ambassador, Director of the Free Cuba Committee), and Mr Jason W. Forrester, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense.