and SooMeta were among the top performers during the Startup Sauna Accelerator Program therefore they were offered a place not just presenting during the Slush, but travelling to the Valley in order to meet investors, media representatives and get insight to the best startup ecosystem of the world.

The selection criteria for the teams are the market potential in the US, the progress they have shown during the Acceleration and the quality of the team. Startup Sauna Silicon Valley week focuses on giving the startups a sneak peak to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

The week focuses on meeting Startup Sauna coaches in Valley, investors and media. In addition, the startups are encouraged to schedule their own meetings with customers and potential partners. The objectives of the week are testing the market in Silicon Valley, learn how the best startup ecosystem works and do promotion for the startups of Northern Europe and Central Eastern Europe.

More information about the Hungarian companies:

 • is a combination of the following components:

- a comprehensive, carefully-curated database of commercially available small molecules,                                                                                                 - a scalable search, simulation and data-mining platform specialized for drug research, including components from commercial software vendors like ChemAxon, BioSolveIT, open source components and in-house developments,                                                                                                         - a simple molecule procurement service. Using our service, researchers from pharma and biotech companies can go through easily the virtual, computer-supported part of the drug discovery up to the stage where they finally order chemicals for the biological trials.

Founders & Key Contacts: Ferenc Szalai, CEO                                      Product Stage: Private Beta                                                                    Industry: Drug discovery, B2B                                                                      Office location: Budapest, Hungary                                                        Twitter:@mculecom                                                                                         Facebook:                      

SooMeta is mixed-media story sharing for bloggers and editorial teams. Instead of reading text-based articles viewers expect visual stories. Soo Meta is a storytelling tool that helps editorial teams and bloggers create visually engaging stories in minutes based on information pieces from various web sources. The company has built a successful video mixtape platform (started 2 years ago), with hundreds of thousands of downloaded apps and a massive user base.                                                Founders & Key Contacts: Tamas Szakal                                                          Product Stage: Launching soon                                                                      Industry: Online Publishing, Mobile Content                                              Office location: Budapest, Hungary                                                                   Twitter: @soometa