The Mimage Pantomime Theater from Hungary will be performing in Washington, D.C., giving three wonderful performances. Join us at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage; La Maison Française and the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center.

Kids Euro Festival is a month-long festival of European arts and culture that presents more than 200 free activities to metro-area families. Performances, concerts, workshops, movies, storytelling, puppetry, dance, magic, cinema... and it’s all brought to you by the 28 European Union Member States!

It’s like a trip to Europe — but you don’t need a passport!

“Wizards in Dreamland” – Mimage Pantomime Theater from Hungary

“Wizards in Dreamland” features two enthusiastic performers that use pantomime to convey the tale of a magician and his assistant as they enter a magical world. Márk Bogdán and Gergely Takács of Hungary dazzle and delight in hopes of taking the audience, children and adults alike, on a wonderful adventure. According to Márk Bogdán, they aim to see the joy on the faces of audience members.

The artists developed this performance about half a year ago by drawing from childhood memories and impressions. Márk Bogdán describes the unique ability for pantomime to transcend language boundaries and challenge audience members to use their imagination. As a members of the Mimage Pantomime Theatre, Bogdán and Takács have studied and trained with Veronika Karsai, the company’s founder and choreographer of this performance. “Wizards in Dreamland” is an outlet for the artists to exit the real world and embody characters in creating stories.

The company has performed at numerous domestic and international festivals and is very excited to bring their pantomime performance to Kids Euro Festival. They look forward to meeting other performers and encountering different cultures while staying in D.C. Most importantly, they are hoping that the children–their most critical viewers–will enjoy the performance!

Check out their schedule of performances for public and schools.