Three new co-chairs of the Hungarian Congressional Caucus will reinvigorate Hungary's Congressional efforts on the Hill. Press Release.

WASHINGTON, DC – Representatives Andy Harris (R-MD), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and David Joyce (R-OH) are pleased to announce the reconstitution of the Hungarian-American Caucus in the 113th Congress. Reps. Kaptur, Joyce and Harris will serve as new co-chairs of the caucus upon the retirement of the two previous caucus co-chairs Congressmen Steve LaTourette (R-OH) and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) whose friendship and leadership on Hungarian issues was instrumental in strengthening Hungarian American relations.The caucus currently includes other key members of Congress such as Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), Timothy J. "Tim" Ryan (D-OH), Henry A. Waxman (D-CA) and will look forward to expanding the ever-growing group of friends of Hungary on Capitol Hill. Hungarian-American bilateral relations remain strong, based on a multifaceted economic partnership, common security architecture as NATO partners, and a deep commitment to the fundamental values of freedom and liberty shared by the American and Hungarian people.

The three co-chairs are confident that the Hungarian people’s undying commitment to the idea of freedom will ensure Hungary’s prosperity as a constructive and active member of the European Union. The co-chairs also congratulate Hungary on the adoption of its new constitution which closes an important chapter of its post-communist past and will help secure the freedoms and liberties of all of its citizens. The three co-chairs would like to especially acknowledge the tremendous contribution of Hungarian Americans to American culture and prosperity and help to strengthen US-Hungarian relations. The 1.5 million Hungarian Americans represent a special bridge between our two countries.

Congresswoman Kaptur (D-OH) has been serving the Hungarian American community in Ohio for several years and has been a long-time member of the caucus. “I am glad to be a voice for the strong relationship that exists between the United States and Hungary. By working together, we are able to take on the challenges that face both our countries while we continue to maintain our commitment to freedom, democracy and economic security,” said Congresswoman Kaptur.

Congressman Harris (R-MD), the only Hungarian American currently serving in Congress, joined the caucus after his election to Congress in 2010. He decided to take a leadership upon his reelection because he feels that Hungarians and Americans are bound inextricably together by their commitment to freedom and opportunity. It is therefore important that both countries continue working on strengthening their bilateral cooperation through greater economic and security initiatives.

As a freshman Member of Congress, Rep. Joyce (R-OH) immediately recognized the importance of engaging with the Hungarian American community and feels strongly that this is a relationship that we must foster and continue to grow. Originally established in 2003, the Congressional Hungarian American Caucus is an informal bipartisan group of Members of Congress interested in continuing a constructive dialogue with Hungary and the Hungarian American diaspora in the U.S. regarding issues of mutual concern.

The caucus will build on the important work of the late Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Congressman Kucinich. The Caucus will provide a strong voice for Hungarian-American issues in Congress and looks forward to engaging with the Hungarian American community in the United States, the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian government.

Caucus contacts:

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
Nathan Facey (202) 225-4146

Congressman David Joyce
Chris Cooper (202) 225-5731

Congressman Andy Harris
Kevin Reigrut (202) 225-5311