Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Polish Prime Ministers were met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a summit of the Visegrád Four (V4) Warsaw on Friday, August 26, 2016. Speaking at a news conference ahead of the summit, Hungarian Prime Minister Prime Minister Viktor Orbán highlighted the necessity for the establishment of a common European army as well as EU policies designed to safeguard fiscal discipline, economic stability.

At a meetings of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Heads of States of the Visegrád Four on Friday, August 26, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán strongly asserted that institutions like the European Council and the European Commission should go back to fulfilling their “original roles” and focus on “tried and tested” policies such as cohesion and agricultural policies while leaving the management of migration and social issues to individual states.

In his statement, the Prime Minister explained four central challenges facing the EU and Europe as well as offered four concrete policy proposals to address these shortfalls. Citing the result of the recent Brexit referendum as a clear indication, Orbán spoke of the EU's inability to adapt and respond to current global crises. "Britain’s withdrawal is not a cause but a result: it is not the cause of the situation within Europe, but a consequence of that situation. We think that we need to cope with two problems at the same time," said Orbán. First and foremost attention must be focused on finding effective solutions to the Ukraine crisis.

Second, Orbán challenged the European Union and Schengen Zone member states to effectively enforce and protect the external border. Highlighting the necessity of elevating the issue of security to the highest level of highest priority, for this reason Orbán also called for the establishment of a joint European army.

Third, the Prime Minister criticized the expansive role the European Council has recently played in policymaking and called for a reversion of its functions to that specifically laid down in past treaties. Fourth and relatedly, the Prime Minister called for the EU to emphasize its policymaking role in tried and tested policies - those of agriculture and common cohesion. On the issues of migration, Orbán unequivocally called for a autonomy for member states to create their own policies. 

The full text of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement ahead of the meeting of the V4 Heads of Government and the Chancellor of Germany is available HERE