Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was presented with the prestigious "Person of the Year" Award by the Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szydło at the 26th Annual Economic Forum for his role in shaping central European policy.

On Tuesday, September 6, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło presented Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán with his country's "Person of the Year" Award at the 26th annual Economic Forum in Poland.

After receiving the award, Orbán spoke of numerous colleagues from the Visegrád Group equally deserving of the award and reaffirmed his belief that Europe is going through a crucial transformation. "Only those nations that have their historic, religious and national identity will survive and be strong," Orbán said. "I represent and protect that."

Orbán further stressed that Hungary and Europe must protect its identity, otherwise “we will have no place under the sun”. He also emphasized the importance of Hungarian-Polish friendship and the good relations between the two nations and their leaders.

Igor Janke – a Polish political scientist and author of “Forward!” a biography of Orbán – delivered a laudation, providing an overview of the Prime Minister’s political career and his successful efforts to bring the Hungarian economy back from the brink of bankruptcy in 2010.

(Prime Minister's Office)