In order to obtain certificates or records from Hungary, you have to supply us the following data and send the application to the diplomatic or consular representation whose area of responsibility includes the state you live in (see the consular districts of Hungarian missions in the US).

Certificates can be requested only if the birth, marriage, divorce or death occurred in the present-day territory of Hungary. Please note that state and municipal registration has been in place since 1895. Records before this time were kept by churches so if you are requesting a certificate dating from before 1895, always indicate the religious affiliation of the person(s) concerned.

Please always state your relationship to the person whose certificate you request. If not a relative, state the purpose of obtaining the certificate. The consular fee is $57 per document (50 + 7 $) and it includes the fee and expenses levied by the Hungarian issuing authority. (If you request more than one certificate, multiply the 7 $ fee, e.g.: 2 certificates would be 64 $, 3 certificates 71 $, etc.) 
Please pay fee by sending a money order made out to the name of the competent foreign mission of Hungary in the United States, and include a self-addressed and stamped envelope for certified mail in your application.

Your request will be forwarded to the competent Hungarian authorities. Generally, it will take about 3-4 months for you to receive the requested document(s).

Birth certificate (form)

Name (former or maiden name, if applicable):
Place of birth (indicate district if Budapest*):
Date of birth:
Father's name:
Mother's maiden name:
Purpose of the request:

Marriage certificate (form)

Name of the married couple (maiden name of the wife):
Place of the marriage (indicate district if Budapest*):
Date of the marriage:
Purpose of the request:

Divorce certificate (form)

The same data as for marriage record as well as the exact designation of the court proceedings on the divorce case and the number of the file.

Death certificate (form)

Name (former or maiden name, if applicable):
Place of death (indicate district if Budapest*):
Date of death:
Purpose of the request:

* In the absence of this information the search in all the twenty-three districts of the capital can require 12 months.