Joint Press Release by the Governments of Hungary and the United States on the Occasion of the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

On December 17, 2011, we commemorate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Hungary and the United States. After the agreement entered into force, an American Legation was opened in Budapest and Count László Széchenyi presented his credentials in Washington, D.C. The historical events of the last 90 years have, at times, significantly influenced the quality of our official relationship but the common understanding and mutual support based on bonds of kinship and friendship have remained uninterrupted between those living on each side of the Atlantic. The thriving community of Hungarian Americans has played an essential role in this regard, as have official and unofficial educational and cultural exchanges and strong commercial ties.

We have placed our bilateral relations on qualitatively new foundations since the Hungarian transition in 1989 and we became not only partners but also allies as a result of Hungary’s accession to NATO. The main pillars of the Hungarian-American relationship are our shared values and the multifaceted cooperation in the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as a commitment to free market principles. The Hungarian and the American governments both deem it important to enhance the political, security, and economic relationship between the two countries to better address the new challenges of the 21st Century.