I presented my credentials to President Obama on February 23, 2015. It is my honor to serve as Hungary’s Ambassador to the United States as it has always been my strong professional mission and personal commitment to work on strengthening the strategic alliance and friendship between Hungary and the United States.

The bonds linking our Hungary and the United States are strong and are supported by our long history of friendship and the shared values of freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Hungary’s security alliance with the United States within NATO is the bedrock of our security. Since regaining Hungarian sovereignty in 1990, our soldiers have worked together to recreate regional stability in the Balkans, fought together in Afghanistan, and are now together providing defense to the Baltics in the fight against ISIL.

Dynamically growing economic ties also provides shared prosperity between our two countries and are stronger than ever before. The U.S. is Hungary’s largest trading partner in both exports and imports outside the European Union. Cultural, academic and scientific cooperation underpinned by a web of personal friendships continue to be a driving force in our cooperation. I am determined to further strengthen these significant achievements rooted firmly in our shared values and common interests. I will work to enhance areas of successes in our bilateral relations, as well as to address open questions and controversial issues weighing on our bilateral political relations.

I believe in dialogue and I look forward to discussions with our American friends. I am ready to listen to honest criticism, as well as to dispel false perceptions about Hungary. Even if we accept some differences in opinion we must be aware, acknowledge, and treasure that our fundamental guiding principles and values are the same. They bind us together and are the foundation for our future relations.

Hungary is a democracy; a free and independent nation that is firmly rooted in the Euro-Atlantic family. We are bound here by our security and primary economic interests, and, most importantly, by our long held political and cultural values.

I am convinced that the Transatlantic Alliance is more relevant now than ever. The world today is increasingly multipolar and many of the assumptions we made about success have been challenged and are no longer self-evident. That is why I look forward to working with my American partners to advance the global economic competitiveness of the Euro-Atlantic area and support the creation of a TTIP that serves the interest of all members of the alliance. In the same way, I will strive to strengthen efforts for our common Transatlantic security to continue to be able to respond issues of energy seccurity and a new generation of dynamic threats and other challenges we are facing. I will work to ensure that Hungary and the United States continue to stand together in the spirit of mutual trust for democratic principles we both hold dear.

In my work, we have an invaluable asset: the successive generations of Hungarians who have been accepted and welcome in the U.S. They constitute a special bond between our countries. I will do my utmost to reach out to the Hungarian diaspora across the United States and to work together to further strengthen ties between Hungarians and Americans. It is in this spirit of appreciation and respect that I ask for the kind support of the Hungarian-American community in realizing our common goals.

I have a personal commitment to this relationship: I firmly believe our two nations share the basic values of democratic societies and have a profound friendship for one other. That is why I wish to work to bring Hungarians and Americans closer together.

Dr. Réka Szemerkényi

Ambassador of Hungary