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Hungarian institutions of higher education include all public and private/denominational universities (egyetemek) and colleges (fôiskolák) that are accredited and formally recognised by the state. The total number of students in the higher education system typically hovers around 416.000 in. Hungary currently has 71 operating higher education institutions.

Since the institution of the Bologna Process in 2006 standardizing education across the European Union, all students entering higher education in Hungary study within in a 3-cycle system consisting of progressive courses leading to a Bachelor, Master’s degree, and finally a Ph.D. (doctoral) degree. Vocational training, which is incorporated in the system of the Bachelor programmes of the higher education institution, and provides a non-university higher vocational qualification.

The first cycle of education offers a Bachelor degree and provides professional skills and knowledge that can be utilised in the labour market in addition to the theoretical foundation necessary for continuing studies. Following the introduction of the tiered training system in 2006, however, some faculties (e.g. Medicine, Law, Dentistry, as well as a number of Arts Faculties) offer unified, 10-12 semester programme that are completed with the acquisition of a Master degree.

The Master degree programmes (MA, MSc) constitute the second level of higher education. The exact conditions of application are defined by the individual institution of higher education. The duration of these programmes is typically 2-4 semesters (except for teacher training, which lasts for 5 semesters). Graduates can enter the labour market or apply to doctoral studies.

The third pilar of the 3-cycle system is the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), postgraduate academic degree. This three-year-long programme includes specialized professional courses and authentic research activity. The PhD programme incorporates a thesis which must be defined by the doctoral candidate.

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