Below are a selection of features, editorials and interviews on and by our past and present Ambassadors.

Ambassador László Szabó, MD

February 1, 2018: 'Hungarian Doctors Now Focus on Diplomacy, While Daughters Dabble in Film' - Interview with THE WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT

December 20, 2017: 'We can look up to Israel (Fel tudunk nézni Izraelre)' - Interview with ZSIDO.COM (in Hungarian)

October 5, 2017: 'Viktor Orbán on Donald Trump's Guest List' - Interview with Hungarian Weekly Magazine FIGYELŐ (in Hungarian)

August 18, 2017: 'Hungary must make itself relevant in the United States' - Interview with Hungarian News Agency MTI

March 28, 2017: 'A Hungarian diplomat talks about working with Trump, handling the migrant crisis and being the black sheep of Europe' - Interview with the LOS ANGELES TIMES (as Deputy Foreign Minister of Hungary)

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Ambassador Dr. Réka Szemerkényi

February 18, 2017: Interview with Bocskai Rádió

February 9, 2017: Feature on Ambassador Szemerkényi in Figyelő

December 20, 2016: Interview on InfóRadió

October 11, 2016: "Ambassador Spotlight Series" Interview with the EU Delegation to the United States

September 23, 2016: Interview on InfóRadió

September 22, 2016: Interview on InfóRadió

December 24, 2015: Feature on Ambassador Szemerkényi in Figyelő

October 14, 2015: Letter to the Editor in the New York Review of Books

October 7, 2015: Interview on NPR's Morning Edition 

September 21, 2015: Letter to the Editor in POLITICO

September 16, 2015: Interview on BBC World News

September 14, 2015: Interview on PBS Newshour

August 24, 2015: Letter to the Editor in Diplomacy and Trade

July 14, 2015: Feature on Ambassador Szemerkény in Diplomatic Connections

July 13, 2015: Letter to the Editor in the Washington Post 

July 13, 2015: Letter to the Editor in The Washington Times

June 30, 2015: Letter to the Editor in Roll Call

May 29, 2015: Interview in the Washington Diplomat

May 20, 2015: Transcript of House Foreign Affairs Commitee Subcommittee Hearing on "The Future of U.S.-Hungarian Relations"

May 20, 2015: Feature on President Obama's presentation of Ambassador Szemerkényi's credentials by Magyar Hirlap

May 15, 2015: Letter to the Editor in The Hill

May 14, 2015: Feature on Ambassador Szemerkényi on InfoRadio

May 13, 2015: Letter to the Editor in Hungarian Free Press