Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the leaders of 27 EU Member gathered in Rome on Saturday, March 25 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Declaration and the founding of the forerunner of the EU.

In an interview with Hungarian new agency MTI following the signing of a declaration of the future of the European Union, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that "this document draws up a balance sheet of the past sixty years – one which we have every reason to be proud of.”

At the same time, Prime Minister Orbán added that the EU and its member states still face many key challenges the Brussels bureaucracy has not been able to effectively address, emphasizing the principle that the EU member states themselves must give European answers to problems, rather than expect the institutions in Brussels to provide the answers for them. “We must protect our borders, said the Prime Minister. “It points out that we can only rely on ourselves, and we have to find the European answers to problems ourselves rather than expect the institutions in Brussels to find them for us.”

To read Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's full remarks, please click HERE.