The Government of Hungary has submitted a draft proposal to the National Assembly on Wednesday, April 25 for increased Hungarian participation in the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State (ISIS). The current mandate from the National Assembly expires on December 31, 2017.

Legislation submitted to Hungary’s National Assembly on April 25, 2017 calls for significantly increasing Hungary’s financial contributions to the Counter-ISIS coalition and deploying an additional 50 soldiers to the Middle East. Such a move that would increase the total number of Hungarian soldiers deployed in Northern Iraq from 150 to 200.

Minister of Defense István Simicskó said an increase in Hungarian contributions to the multinational coalition were necessary to confront ISIS’ expansion along the eastern part of Syria and the Sunni-populated north-western part of Iraq in 2014. Simicskó added that the Syrian conflict, to which ISIS is a key contributor, has created over three million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and has significantly contributed to the migration crisis facing Europe.

Led by the United States, the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS was formed in 2014 and includes more than 60 nations. The broad international coalition carries out air strikes against the bases of the Islamic State, and trains and arms the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

The approval of the draft resolution requires a two-third vote of the members of Parliament present and would extend Hungary’s mandate to participate in the Coalition to Counter ISIS until 2020.