SmartBrick, an innovation of Hungarian startup Vengit, has been selected to be part of the official competition toolkit for Southworks’ Spring 2018 Engineering & Robotics Competitions.

SBrick enables you to remotely control LEGO® Power Functions® with a mobile phone or tablet. The connection between the two devices is ensured by Bluetooth® technology. Thanks to this innovation, kids can learn the basics of computer programming in a fun, interactive way.

The Hungarian National Trading House helped present SBrick to Southworks through its Chicago office. Once Southworks tested the product for themselves, they were captivated by its innovative potential. SBrick will be provided to all participating teams in the SBrick 500 Race at the Engineering & Robotics 2018 Spring Competitions. 

Building on this major milestone, Vengit hopes to take advantage of significant demand in the U.S. market for its technology. Bringing together companies, teachers and students in the field of robotics and electronics, Southworks will provide a perfect venue for showcasing SmartBrick’s potential.

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