Hungarian Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács traveled to Washington, DC between April 23-27 on to meet with multiple members of Congress, visit influential think tanks and speak with American reporters.

Zoltán Kovács held talks with Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL), Co-Chair of the Hungarian-American Caucus, Nebraskan Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and an advisor of Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). Kovács also met with prominent members of leading Washington, DC think-tanks and research institutions including the German Marshall Fund, The Heritage Foundation, the Congressional Research Service, and the Family Research Council.

In meetings with members of Congress Kovács emphasized that “the amendment of the Act on Higher Education is not about the Central European University, but about all Hungarian universities and foreign universities operating in Hungary, and that the legislation does not include any conditions that are impossible to meet”.

In a statement, Government Spokesperson Kovács added that he also met with members of the Congressional Research Service, a non-partisan organization that serves to assist legislators by providing research, information, and statistics to members of Congress. “There should at least be some precise information on the standpoint of the Hungarian Government there, because if they are forced to acquire information from other sources then legislators may find themselves reading distorted half-truths and sometimes lies,” said Kovács.

Summarizing the reception and accomplishments of his four-day trip to Washington, DC, Kovács said: “The Hungarian viewpoint and the Hungarian approach was received very well. We have rational arguments and these have found understanding ears.”

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)