Folk art and contemporary design are intertwined to form an exciting new aesthetic in the work of Fashion Designer Tünde Hrivnák. An elegant and exclusive fashion show introduces her new collection “BY ME SPICY”.

In early decades of the 20th century Budapest used to be mentioned in the same league as Paris, when it came to fashion. Hungarians were very keen to look stylish and to wear good quality clothing – fashion life was booming. The 21st century started by establishing a brand new Hungarian fashion industry based on innovation and local creative power.

Hungarian success stories in fashion can be found:

Re-Button It! (Gombold Újra!) became the slogan of a new initiative with the sole purpose to provide a platform and space to up-and-coming Hungarian fashion designers:

There are a lot of talented young fashion designers in Hungary – some of them have been in business for a while now, others have just recently founded their own label and are currently building their brands. One of these new emerging labels is BY ME founded by Tünde Hrivnák. With her own design in clothing TÜNDE HRIVNÁK wants to show the importance of Hungarian tradition so that they adequately reflect today's trends. Folk designs represent values that are perfectly matched to modern and elegant styles. She believes that the consistency of a garment is created by the way its pieces are put together, a lesson learned from her family heritage. This tenet is still the guiding principle of her work. The clean, straight lines and precise design radiates purity. The complete collection of garments are made to harmonize with each other in both color and form.

INDIVIDUALITY AND ELEGANCE - Tünde Hrivnák and the brand BY ME focuses on the woman who is constantly renewing herself. These garments are recommended for women who like classic colors and styles but also brave enough to dress in bold colors. Tasteful lace decoration makes the looks elegant and feminine:

The Embassy of Hungary is proud to present two fashion shows for the designs of Tünde Hrivnák. June 28th is “by invitation only” while on June 29th the show is organized in cooperation with the International Club of DC where tickets can be purchased. In addition to the BY ME SPICY collection award-winning Chef Merényi will create a spicy gastro-experience for you.