Preparations are underway for a scheduled joint military exercise entitled "Exercise Load Diffuser 17” to take place in Kecskemet, Hungary from May 22 to June 9.

"Exercise Load Diffuser 17," designed to maintain joint readiness, interoperability, and reassure NATO allies and European partners, will bring together allied soldiers from Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the United States.

In total, eight F-16C Fighting Falcons, and two C-130H Hercules and several thousand allied soldiers are expected to take part in the operation, including members of the 179th Airlift Wing of the Ohio National Guard.

The Hungarian Defense Force (HDF) share a special relationship with the Ohio National Guard. After over 20 years of close cooperation through the US State Partnership Program, they were jointly deployed to Afghanistan to serve side by side in the War on Terrorism in the longest military operation in the history of Hungary.

The exercise is scheduled to end on June 9, with all allied forces returning to their home bases at the conclusion of the operation.