The United States and Hungary participated in a live-fire, joint military exercise on Wednesday, September 27 in Veszprém, Hungary capping off weeks of training between the US Army and the Hungarian Defense Force.

High-level NATO officials, dignitaries, and top military brass were on hand on Wednesday, September 27 in Veszprém as US cavalrymen and Hungarian soldiers fired anti-tank missiles in a joint live-fire exercise. The joint live-fire exercise was the highlight of operation Brave Warrior 16, one of more than a dozen NATO training rotations led by the US Department of Defense as part of the broader European Reassurance Initiative and mark the latest signal of increased US military focus on Central and Southeastern Europe. “The exercise also demonstrates continued U.S. commitment to the collective security of NATO — allied and partners — and to enduring stability, sovereignty and economic independence of the region,” said US Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell.

The military exercises also come during the migration crisis, a time when Hungary’s forces have been deployed to patrol the 109-mile barrier separating Hungary and Serbia. During the Brave Warrior rotation, the Hungarian military invited members of the US forces to see observe their border patrols in action. “It was absolutely eye-opening to me,” said Lt. Col. Gregory Campion, commander of 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment. “The logistics behind it is nothing short of remarkable. It kind of brought to light to me the degree of commitment they have to NATO and to the alliance."