Newly Appointed Ambassador Dr. László Szabó organized a farewell reception for departing Acting Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Ambassador Mary Burce Warlick and Deputy Assistant Secretary Robin Dunnigan on Friday, August 4.

The event, hosted at the Hungarian Embassy, was attended by officials from the Departments of State and Energy, Ambassadors and diplomats of the other V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), as well as a number of representatives from the energy sector and think tank community.

The Hungarian Ambassador, also in his role as the current holder of the Visegrád Group Presidency, expressed the V4 Countries’ sincere appreciation for Ambassador Warlick and DAS Dunnigans’ close cooperation with their European partners aimed at diversifying European energy supplies and building critical new infrastructure including interconnectors and other facilities to enhance the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Visegrád Countries together with the US State Department have lobbied extensively to expedite LNG exports to Europe. Special Envoy Warlick and DAS Dunnigan, serving at a time when shale gas development made the United States the world’s leading natural gas producer and a net importer, played an integral role in Congress’ adoption of the Energy Policy Modernization Act and the arrival of the first US LNG shipment to Europe, both in 2016.

In Central Europe, the first U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment arrived in Poland on June 7, 2017. As current President of the Visegrád Group, Hungary is committed to the further diversification of LNG routes and sources in Central Europe. Projects of priority include the Vertical Gas Transmission Corridor connecting the gas transmission systems of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary, as well as the completion of construction on a scalable LNG terminal in Croatia.