There is a possibility at every Hungarian Consulate in the USA, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, to apply for a biometric passport.

Application for a passport at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Washington can be done in person and by appointment only. There is no need to fill out any form prior to applying and applicants do not need to bring a passport size photo.

The average procedure time is 4-6 weeks (produce of the passport+transport without a citizenship procedure).

Please note that you have to hold every document required for the passport application when you apply at the Consulate.

You should ensure the following documents for your passport application:

  1. to prove your Hungarian citizenship:
    o with valid ID card, or
    Hungarian passport expired within maximum one year,  or
    valid certificate on citizenship


  2. consular fee; Passport valid for 5 years: 77 USD

                          Passport valid for 10 years: 99 USD

                                  Applicant below 18 or above 70 of age: 59 USD

  3. valid passport or ID card

  4. in case if you apply with a new surname/first name: Hungarian certificate of marriage or Hungarian certificate of the altered name. If there is a change in the family status of the applicant (e.g. marriage or divorce), at the time of the passport application, this has to be registered in Hungary as well!

  5. if you cannot prove your citizenship beacuse your Hungarian passport expired over one year: filled in form for verification of citizenship

  6. if your previous valid passport was stolen: official record from the Police on your report on the stolen document. In case the reason for applying for a new passport is because the previous one has been stolen, lost or damaged, the procedural fee is double the price of the above - except with police report of lost document.  

  7. in case you have never had a Hungarian passport or ID card before, first you should obtain a certificate of citizenship (see the “Verification of citizenship” at the Consular affairs on our website:


    If the applicant is under 18:

    • both parents should appear in person
      o if there is only one parent responsible for care it should be proved with official document;
      o if a parent gives permission for the other one to apply alone for the passport of the child – this permission should be notarised by Hungarian Honorary Consul or Notary Public (we accept only those Notaries Public whose name are on our list on the website,
      If the notary public you have chosen is not on our list of notaries, please have her/him fill out the following form: data sheet for notaries, and ask for her/his comission as well.), parental consent form

    • valid passport or ID of both parents;

    • Hungarian birth certificate of the child

    • if the child is under 12 one passport photo.

If the child is above 12 he/she should appear at the Consulate in person together with the parents.

If the birth of the child has not been registered yet in Hungary, you may apply together with the registration of birth. Please visit also the "Registration of birth” on our website

Please take note that we can only accomodate clients with appointments. To make an appointment please email your contact to: BidrJ6YNW5N4YXBwb2ludG1lbnQud2FzQG1mYS5nb3YuaHU=

Procedural fee:

Passport valid for 5 years: 77 USD

Passport valid for 10 years: 99 USD

If applicant is below 18 or above 70 years of age: 59 USD