On Wednesday, May 30, the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, D.C. co-hosted an event with the Embassy of Israel, commemorating the ’Father of Israel’, Budapest-born Theodor Herzl.

“Hungary is committed to protecting European Judeo-Christian heritage and is proud of the Jewish community living in Hungary that has made major contributions to the country’s development”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in his opening speech. He highlighted that the Hungarian Government has declared a policy of zero tolerance to anti-Semitism. Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer spoke about the fact that Hungarian-Israeli relations are extremely good, and cooperation between the two countries is becoming increasingly close within several areas. “Innovation is important to both countries, which is yet another strand that links our two countries”, he added.The full-house event concluded with the magnificent performance of Israeli pianist Eden Ladin and Hungarian guitarist Bálint Gyémánt. The event at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C. was a true example of the Jewish-Hungarian friendship and heritage bringing together people, culture and gastronomy.