U.S.-based global medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) has inaugurated a new $23 million plant in Tatabánya, which will produce research reagents required for the production of medical products. Relying on highly skilled Hungarian labor and its excellent productivity, the new plant will create 107 new jobs and help BD serve its pharmaceutical customers around the world.

BD has been present in Hungary since 2008, and its first glass syringe production plant was established in Tatabánya in April 2010. Two of BD's three global segments - BD Medical and BD Biosciences - are represented in Hungary. 

The new plant, which was established in the Tatabánya Industrial Park at BD's Komárom-Esztergom county headquarters, will manufacture the immunological and cell biology research reagents required for the production of pharmaceutical products. The plant is expected to reach full production capacity by 2018. Over half of the 107 new jobs created by the investment require university or postgraduate qualifications in biology, biochemistry and production.

Factoring in these newly created jobs, BD's Tatabánya-based business employs more than 700 people, making it one of the company’s largest factories in the world.