PAST EVENT: Concert of the Keller Quartet at the Library of Congress

Publicated on: April 2, 2013

Renowned Hungarian string quartet, the Keller Quartet is giving a concert at the Library of Congress on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 from 8:00 pm.
The concert is presented by the Library of Congress in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary.
Free tickets can be reserved through the Embassy of Hungary while the tickets supplies last.

Keller Quartet

András Keller (Violin)

Zsófia Környei (Violin)

Zoltán Gál (Viola)

Judit Szabó (Violoncello)

The players (draw you) in deeper with their own devotion an attention. In the Keller Quartet's playing, everything, even a whisper, is important." San Francisco Classic Voice

Hungary's world-renowned Keller Quartet has been praised by the New York Times for its "expressive potency" and "warm, glowing sound".

"They have the courage and they take their time for profound mourning. However, they never fall into an abyss of sentimentality." Süddeutsche Zeitung, November 7th, 2003

Founded in 1987 at the Liszt Conservatory of Music in Budapest, the Keller Quartet already achieved their international breakthrough in 1990 when winning all prizes and special awards at the Evian and Borciani Competitions.

Even though the quartet members have all completed their degrees as soloists, string quartet playing has always been their first choice. Three of the Liszt Conservatory’s most renowned professors took care of the young musicians and can be regarded as their mentors to this very day: Sandór Devich, András Mihály and György Kurtág, who also composes works for the quartet.

The Keller Quartet can be characterised by musical curiosity: curiosity about encounters with musicians and composers of all genres, curiosity about unknown works and new forms of programming, where unusual combinations develop their own dramatic tension. Exemplary for this is on the one hand their famous Bach/Kurtág program where parts of Bach’s „Art of the Fugue” are intertwined with works by György Kurtág or on the other hand the performance of the composition „Zwiegespräch” for string quartet and synthesizer by Kurtág father and son at the Vienna “Klangwochen” festival and at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

The concert is presented in cooperation of the Library of Congress and the Embassy of Hungary.

Free tickets are reserved for the Embassy of Hungary while the tickets supplies last.

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or contact: György Rétházi - cultural attaché - lcBCsNBihHr9Nc2gJ5mz2Z3lyZXRoYXppQG1mYS5nb3YuaHU=