PAST EVENT: Second Day of the visit of Hungarian President Pál Schmitt to Washington, DC

Publicated on: December 1, 2011

The highlight of the President's second day was meeting the Hungarian diaspora where he emphasized the importance of citizen diplomacy.

Hungarian President of the Republic Pál Schmitt on the second day of his trip to Washington, DC addressed the Hungarian-American community at a lunch reception where about 150 members of the community were present.

The President praised the Hungarian-American community’s commitment to nurturing Hungarian language and keeping Hungarian culture alive. He emphasized that the Hungarian diaspora plays a vital role in promoting Hungary’s values and national heritage in the United States. He emphasized that Hungarian-American relations are based on our commonly shared principles and a strong commitment to NATO. He referred to the newly adopted Hungarian Basic Law – or Constitution – which he said will guarantee the peace, well-being and human rights of Hungarians for the future.

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The President took part in the Hungarian citizenship ceremony where he welcomed thirteen new Hungarian citizens. The President acknowledged the strong emotional bond that exists between the Old Country and the Hungarian diaspora and urged the new citizens to be informed about events and the political and economic developments in Hungary and to continue to play the important bridging role between America and Hungary.

The President also took part at the Foreign Policy Magazine's Global Top100 Thinkers gala in the evening, where he was the guest of honor.

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