Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Delivers Keynote Address at Sixth Annual Hungarian Diaspora Council

Publicated on: December 1, 2016

On Wednesday, November 30, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Hungarian Diaspora Council in Budapest. The Prime Minister emphasized the successes of the rapidly expanding Hungarian economy and laid out a road path for diaspora outreach policies for the next five years.

Speaking at the Sixth Annual Hungarian Diaspora Conference, an umbrella body for the organization of Hungarian communities living around the world, Prime Minister Orbán praised the election of Donald Trump as a return to democracy, instead of liberal non-democracy.” The American presidential election has also made it clear that the era of a foreign policy based on “the simplistic idea” of exporting democracy could be coming to an end, added Orban.

Also speaking on the topic of immigration, the Prime Minister spoke of the recent decision to open the V4 Joint Crisis Management Center as a pragmatic step towards solving the migration crisis. The Prime Minister also said that the migration crisis was part of a large number of global challenges Hungary and the EU must confront: “We are not talking about a simple migrant onslaught […], but we are facing a global phenomenon."

To read the Prime Minister's full remarks, please click HERE.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)