PM Viktor Orbán: We shall make Europe great again

Publicated on: January 26, 2017

Speaking in Brussels on Thursday, January 26, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán strongly criticized existing EU policy and asserted European’s overwhelming rejection of “open societies” in favor of democratic societies. The Prime Minister also called for reforms that would “make Europe great again.”

In a speech in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán questioned Europe and the European Union’s willingness to adapt to the new European political era. Orbán said that, despite the outcome of the Brexit vote and Italian referendum in December, many inside the European Union have yet to accept that what we are observing is a new, post-2008 paradigm of reality. The Prime Minister pointed out that Europe must face four different crises at the same time: crises of economic competitiveness, demography, security and foreign policy.

The Prime Minister also said that that the essence of the foreign policy crisis is that Europe has been unable to influence the processes underway in the region – or is only able to influence them minimally, referencing both the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. Speaking directly to transatlantic and US-Hungarian relations, Prime Minister Orbán asserted that a new economic trade agreement must be concluded with the United States and that Europe must proactively seek out opportunities for partnership with China.