Joint Statement of the Heads of Governments of the Visegrád Group

Publicated on: December 20, 2016

The Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic) convening in Brussels December 15, 2016, on the margins of the European Council meeting, adopted a Joint Statement on migration, security, Ukraine and the digital single market.

On the issue of migration and the Syrian refugee crisis, the Visegrad countries noted and appreciated the efforts of the Slovak Presidency of the European Union to broaden consensus concerning the application of the principles of solidarity and responsibility in the context of migration policy. They also recognized that good progress has been made in the convergence of views on various aspects, including the external dimension of migration and the protection of EU external borders. Finally, they asserted their belief that any new European migration policy can only be built for a common area where full control of external borders is ensured and migratory pressures can, therefore, be resisted effectively.

According to the Joint Statement, the internal security agenda of both the V4 and EU also remains of crucial importance. That is why the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad countries underlined their commitment to the strengthening of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) in line with the Council conclusions of 17 October and 14 November. The Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group also called for the adoption of the Counter Terrorism Directive and the implementation of the Passenger Name Record Directive.

To view the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group’s Joint Statement in its entirety, please click HERE.