Hungary Reaffirms Support for Macedonian EU and NATO Membership

Publicated on: November 21, 2016

Following a meeting with former Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Greuvski in Budapest on Friday, November 18, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reaffirmed Hungary’s support for Macedonian accession to both NATO and the EU.

In an official statement, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary – a NATO member since 1999 – highlighted the strength of the two countries’ bilateral relations and affirmed that “the future Macedonia, which seeks to become a member of the EU and NATO, can always rely on Hungary’s friendship.” “Both Hungary and Macedonia belong to the West,” added Prime Minister Orbán.

Previously, Hungary had already strongly and repeatedly advocated for Macedonia’s accession to NATO and the EU in an effort to bring greater stability and economic prosperity to the Balkan region.