Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Speaks with President-elect Donald Trump, Seeks Warmer Relations with US

Publicated on: November 25, 2016

Following a phone conversation with President-elect of the United States Donald Trump on Wednesday, November 24, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed optimism and his belief diplomatic ties with the US could improve markedly. The President-elect also extended an invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Washington, DC.

In a press conference following a phone conversation with US President-elect Donald Trump, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said hat Trump made it clear to him "he thinks highly of Hungary." "I think America will now have a president who is not ideologically limited," added the Prime Minister. "He is an open person who is much more interested in success, efficiency, and results than in political theories."

Also speaking to press following the conversation between the Prime Minister and President-elect was Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó. The Foreign Minister said Mr. Trump began the conversation by thanking Prime Minister Orbán for supporting the Hungarian community, indicating that it meant a lot to him that Hungarian Americans had stood by him and that this had also had a significant influence on his election victory. Szijjártó also confirmed that Donald Trump had in fact invited the Hungarian Prime Minister for a meeting in Washington, DC, the details of which will be organized after the inauguration of the new US President in January “It is good news for Hungary that Donald Trump ultimately won the trust of the American People,” Szijjártó told reporters.