About Hungary

Culture and Art

Find out more about Hungarian museums, festivals, and other cultural events.

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Study in Hungary!

Information about top Hungarian universities, degree programs and how to apply.

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Hungary and the World

Learn more about Hungary's role as a leader and financial hub in Central Europe and its active role as a member of the EU, UN, and international community.

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List of Famous Hungarians

Hungarians takes great pride in the personal recognition of all of our Nobel Laureates, Olympic Medalists, musicians and artists, and other celebreties whose efforts help to make the world a better place.

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History of Hungary

From its original settlement by the Celts and Romans to the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the establishment of a free and democratic state in 1990, Hungary has a long and varied history.

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Gastronomy and Wine Culture

Did you know that Hungarian wine, with nearly 100 varieties and 22 wine-growing regions, may predate even Roman times?

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American Press on Hungary

Here is a sample of the United States Press' coverage on Hungary

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