165th Anniversary of the Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1848

Publicated on: March 19, 2013

On March 15, 2013 Hungary celebrated the 165th Anniversary of the Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1848. At the Embassy Ambassador Szapáry hosted a reception and invited members of the Administration, the Diplomatic Corp and of course the Hungarian-American community.

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1848 has become the symbol of the will for freedom and liberty of the Hungarian people. It resonated loudly here in the United States when Lajos Kossuth made a historic visit in 1851-52 to gather support for the fight for Hungarian Independence. Speaking to half the population of the United States at the time and witnessed by heroic welcomes across the country, Lajos Kossuth's impact on the United States was nothing short of historic.

Governor Kossuth – who had a lot in common with President Abraham Lincoln - spoke before the Ohio State Legislature on February 16, 1852 and said: „All for the people and all by the people. Nothing about the people, without the people. That is Democracy, and that is the ruling tendency of the spirit of our age." This very same spirit of democracy resonated later in Hungary in 1956 and in 1989 and it is also today the ruling tendency of our spirit. This is the foundation for the values we share with our American partners and our cooperation in bilateral and multilateral format.

Mr. Tamás Vargha made the keynote speech of the evening. Mr. Vargha is State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense and a former Member of the Hungarian Parliament. He emphasized the excellent military cooperation between Hungary and the United States that is based on shared values and commitments. The Hungarian-American bilateral military cooperation is well established, the main areas of cooperation concentrate on joint training, deployment and operations.

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Mr. Károly Jókay, director of Fulbright Hungary talked about the success of the Fulbright program and recognized lot of Fulbright Alumni in the audience. He emphasized the added value of the program on both sides of the Atlantic.